A multipurpose household appliance protector that prevents electroshock and power leak, and offers stabilized current, with voltage stabilizing function and thundering protection.

Effective curtails concerns of electroshock or electric power leak when operating electrical equipment.
Comes with oscillation filtration function and provides purified current allowing a host of A/V equipment to sound and look their very best.
Come with built-in automatic current output tracking device to provide voltage stabilization and effectively prevent electrical equipment from damaged or shutdown due to malfunction arisen from excessive power fluctuatins.
Comes with parameter-rated short-circuit protection device that automatically shuts down and turns off he power when detecting a short in the circuit to prevent fire triggered by short-circuiting.
Equipped with auto reset device that resets by itself when anomaly detected by the circuit has been removed, as the electronic troubleshoot device automatically resets in 20 seconds without having to call for the repair technician.
Comes with thundering protection device that prevents circuit burnout amid sudden voltage surge due to thundering strike, and is the only product in the comparable grade that comes with built-in thundering protection device, as absorbs and protects itself.
Options to choose the Japanese current specification of 100 volts, or the American current specification of 120 volts for imported appliances through adjustable current output.
Effectively curbs the phenomenon of pressure magnification arisen from linking to a transformer in positive peaks of the oscillation that might harm electronic equipment.
Operates on OND steel core with maximum operating efficiency, and is compact and at low working temperatures.
Comes with activation indicator light to prompt the unit's current working status and state of power consumption.
Able to absorb and protect electronic devices amid sparks or power surge at the receptacle.
Comes with automatic load detection function.
Equipped with protective device that helps to prevent short-circuiting arisen from rupture in the insulation wire after extended transformer use.
The only current regulator equipped with safety switching device that insulates thundering.
Equipped with ergonomically designed handle for great portability, and is boasted as the only model that offers switch and safe implementation and installation.

Electrical specification

High-voltage insulation 4000VAC
Input voltage 95VAC-135VAC
Input amperage 10 Amp
Performance efficiency 94%Continuous overload 10A/100ms
Gross weight 10.5 kgs
Length 30cm
Width 18.5cm
Height 14cm
Transition cutoff 17A/10ms




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